2018 Embrace the In Between

2018 - "Delight in your Dream"

2018- "Break the Routine"

I found myself doodling 2018 rhymes. After doodle time, I chose my theme for 2018 to be "Embrace the In Between"

I started over with my blog to become more intentional on what I share with the world through my words. The in between is my story. From goals set to dreams turned into reality - I choose to embrace every celebration and struggle on my journey.

I wrote in my journal on Jan. 7, 2018 about the abundance that the new year already started to bring me. It was the seventh day of the year. The number seven - perfection. My birthday is the 7th. On the seventh day of January, I was a mixture of passion, creativity, love, and community.

I realized that the people that most often surround me are artists, poets, and dreamers who create and pour out their heart in life. They understand it is OK to be human and a work in progress. They push me to dream bigger and accomplish more than what I …

Who and what is Work of Hearts?

Work of Hearts, Inc. was created by Shelly Ambrose. It is a place to share heartfelt inspiration and love. Work of Hearts strives to create an inspiring and creative community.

Work of Hearts was created after Shelly wrote a poem that gave her new perspective on purpose. The poem set a passion into Shelly's heart for life to be celebrated because life is a work of art when lived from the heart. She desires the Work of Hearts community to inspire others to allow their hearts to be seen.

We need each other on this amazing life journey and it is important to know that you are not alone. What we go through in life is not an isolated event, and it is important to share the light when someone can't see it to let them know they don't have to go through life alone and they will be OK.

Join Work of Hearts as we celebrate the success and struggles in life!!
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